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Today’s Writing – 4/5/20

A writer knows that procrastination goes hand in hand with writing. The greater the procrastination, the greater the writing breakthrough that is on the horizon. I’m due for a good one today.

Now that’s what I can productive procrastination!

This is what all I got done today before sitting down to write:

  1. Started laundry, including any couch coverings clinging with dog hair.
  2. Bleached bathrooms (COVID-19).
  3. Cleaned bottoms of 4 pairs of shoes that had dog crap on them (these shoes had been sitting for MONTHS, discarded in the laundry room).
  4. Picked up dog crap in yard.
  5. Washed windows and sills.
  6. Swept floor in office.
  7. Clipped and emery-boarded fingernails and toenails (which I detest).
  8. Wrote this post.

Writing is a different kind of action verb

Ever notice how of all those past tense verbs, write is not one. Writing is different. All of the other items I did are more physical. However, I was thinking about writing. I thought about writing – another non-ed verb: thought.

Okay, okay.

NOW, I’m ready to write.

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