Fearless Discussion Questions

Fearless by Kristin F. Johnson

Fearless is recommended for ages 8-12 and up but has been enjoyed by readers of ALL AGES. The book has many possibilities for discussion of community, language arts, and ethics.

The discussion questions below are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of the cognitive domain and the six different ways people learn. You can print a pdf version of the Discussion Questions.


Rewrite a scene from a different character’s point of view.

Write a new scene showing Jessie trying to train the dog.

Go to the school or local library and research laws in your state.

  • How many dogs someone can own in their house or apartment?
  • If someone is a dog breeder, what are the laws about owning and housing the dogs?

Create Poetry

Jessie journals to express her feelings and her journal entries are in the form of poetry. Write a poem to think about your own feelings.

In one of Jessie’s journal entries, she uses a famous poem by William Carlos Williams called “The Red Wheelbarrow.” Use that poem or another favorite poem as a writing prompt.


Was Jessie stealing the dog from the puppy mill acceptable? Why or why not? Try and argue one side or the other even if you don’t agree.

Why do Jessie and her dad move to St. Peter for the summer?

What does Jessie’s dad do for a living?


What do Dusty the dog and Sam the soldier have in common?

What about Sam and Jessie’s grandpa?

How do people in town react when they hear a storm is coming?


Draw a picture of your favorite scene from the book. (grades 3 and 4)

Draw a picture of the puppy mill.

Math Questions:

If Jessie has $10, which bag of dog food can she afford? How much change will she get?

Dog food options: $8.50, $12.99, $19.99.

If sales tax is 7%, how much will the dog food cost for each bag? 


Why is Dusty nervous around people? What clues do you see that show how the dog might be feeling?

Why does Sam react the way he does to the fireworks?

Why can’t Jessie’s dad write the story about the puppy mill dogs’ rescue?


Summarize a scene from the book. What happened? Why was it memorable? Include as many details as you recall.

What does Jessie bring with her when she and her dad move to Grandpa’s? List as many items as you recall.

List people Jessie meets along her journey.

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